• Carolyn Mickulas

Coconut Hut

On the last day of our Hawaiian vacation as we made our way to the airport, we saw what would be our final destination. Just off the main road nestled between the mountains stood the Coconut Hut, a tiny Hawaiian oasis serving fresh coconut water and sugarcane candy.

As we were leaving, we couldn't help but notice the breathtaking views. The vibrance of color, the clouds floating below the mountain tops, the wind whistling in the car as we drove along the highway. The island was photogenic with every turn. Nature untamed and uninterrupted.

What I will remember most about this exotic land is how well preserved it is. The stunning features of the Hawaiian Islands are prehistoric and the natives are intent on keeping things this way. We made a promise to revisit this spectacular destination as my lens took its final peak. Until then, Mahalo Nui Loa.