• Carolyn Mickulas

Mark Twain

So why do I call this photo Mark Twain? The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. This famous quote has been attributed to Mark Twain for years, but did he really say it? Not sure but one thing I do know is that the weather in San Francisco in the summer is very unpredictable. Summer fog is common, but not an everyday event, so a bit of spontaneity works in favor of those in pursuit of a fog adventure. Morning and evening fog rolls into San Francisco Bay from June to August, pushing its way through the Golden Gate

Bridge towers, drifting and swirling up and over the Marin Headlands, and nestling up against shoreline piers. Then, more often than not, it magically stops before consuming the city itself. It's a picturesque show of nature that changes each day as the elements of the sea, sun and wind interact.