• Carolyn Mickulas

Circle Of Life

Is there anything better than lying in your bed deep in the African bush and hearing the resonating roar of a lion? I've had the privilege of going on a safari and hearing the king of the jungle bellow forth. A lion's roar seems to start at the tail of the beast with a few gentle, meager and almost sheepish groans. These mutterings slowly but surely build into almighty roars, almost loud enough to cause the earth beneath you to rattle. If you are close to the beast at the time that he roars, you can almost feel the vibrations in your ribcage but if you are a couple of miles away, the resonating roar drifts over the crests and through the valleys, in a soothing and lazy sort of baritone way. A subtle reminder that the great beasts are out there, somewhere, roaming through the Savanah in the dark night.